Best Gaming Laptop Coming in 2022

We all have some humor of gaming for the sake to get entertain from a busy schedule in our life. when it comes to play then there is question arise that can we play a game on same medium on which we are working ? Well yes we can do that so. we can use our work medium as a best gaming laptop.

Laptop may comes up with very different specifications from each other so it is very difficulty to find the ideal once. Luckily we came up with research and brought the information about 5 best gaming laptop in 2022.

Here is a list of top 5 best gaming laptop in 2022

  1. ASUS TUF Gaming A15
  2. Asus Rog Zephyrus G14
  3. Alienware M17 R4
  4. Acer Predator Helios 300
  5. MSI – GS66


Asus tuf gaming a15 is a powerful gaming laptop which comes with the portability of window 10 experience. Smooth experience of window 10 make laptop performance 10x faster and reliable. it also comes with many advance feature in order to bare the load and usage of gaming experience for user.


ASUS tuf a15 comes up with anti dust cooling system which keep the system remain cool even at its highest usage. the powerful graphics card NVidia GeForce with multicore amd Ryzen processor enable the user to play with new level of gaming experience.

The solid state drive (SSD) enable the cache to load with micro of seconds. with the help of advance level intel WIFI of 802.11 it can get speed of up to 1.7gbps .

Combination of powerful process like amd ryzen400 CPU with powerful Nvidia graphic card provide enough power for purpose of multitasking like once hand on gaming side and the other is on the other hand let you connect with multiple devices for data transfer at high speed.


ASUS rog Zephyrus is a powerful portable gaming laptop with amz Ryzen 9 processor which help you to run a gaming with smooth user experience.

Key Features

asus rog Zephyrus comes up with 16 gb of ram which allow a user non stop smooth experience for gaming. with power full graphic card Nvidia GeForce rtx 3060 it can easily run any kind of game what ever the specification of game it will response positive.

its the first ever rog laptop which comes up with finger login which works like as you turn on the computer its authentication will require always. this key feature enable an extra layer of security for the rog laptops.


Alienware m17 r4 is the best gaming laptop in 2022. Alienware m17 comes up with the latest 10th generation with up to seven processor i7 enabling the working of 8 cores with 16 thread of multitasking give a boost to the performance for the user better experience.


Alienware m17 r4 comes up with the new graphic card of Nvidia GeForce rtx3070 with outclass performance for the games and especially for the creators of ai realistic graphic tray. the advance feature of thermal technology is also included.

the advance thermal technology enable the system to never get compromised by the electrical and mechanical methods maintaining the system usage. Alienware m17 r4 is the best gaming laptop in 2022 for all those who want to a powerful beast under a light weight of 5.1 pound and under 22 millimeter.

Alienware m17 r4 is also covered with the coating engineered in such a way that it reduce the finger print scratches and other typical type of stains and in short its surface is a scratch less and also stain less.


Acer predator Helios 300 contain great value for dollar gaming laptop. Acer pcs, laptop and accessories are all idea for the for all kind of gamers and all kind commute work who need huge multitasking in every aspect and everyday.

Key Featured

acer predator comes up with the latest 11th generation laptop along with 7 processor of of i7 support which gives you enough power and more over addition of intelligent processing just operational processing, automatically increase in specific portion where the processing and speed needs most.

Graphics card in acer predator laptop is Nvidia GeForce 30 series which is the product of award winning ampere architecture. its incredibly fast 144hz refresh rate keep your display without any glitch through out the whole process.


Msi gs66 is best thin and light weight gaming laptop which comes with the support6 of Nvidia GeForce rtx 3060 graphic card. this gaming beasty laptop provide the user with 240hz of refresh rate which provide the user a spontaneous user experience.

Combination of powerful gpu with Nvidia graphics architecture make smooth for gamers and realistic tray architecture.

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