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Google Chrome New Feature | How to activate the “Do not track” setting in Google Chrome to prevent data monitoring (2022)

Google Chrome New Feature

Google Chrome New Feature has changed the whole scenario. Before that,  Google Chrome users’ sensitive data is collected and their devices are tracked whenever they use Google Chrome to conduct an online search. Many websites can follow users’ devices to track their information because the browser’s default settings for Google Chrome data tracking features are switched on.

Google Chrome New Feature | How Does Google Chrome’s Data Tracking Feature Collect Information About Users?

A website that collects user data has the discretion on how it will use that data. For instance, websites may still collect data from users who want to “Do Not Track,”

But this data is used to improve security, provide content, services, advertising, and suggestions, as well as to report statistics.

Google informed about this by saying:

When a Do Not Track request is made, “the majority of websites and web services, including Google’s, do not alter their behaviour,”

To stop hidden trackers, users can still send requests to websites asking them to cease collecting or tracking browsing data.

As a result, if you want to keep yourself secure, you should:

How to send a desktop ‘Do Not Track’ request :

    • On your PC launch the Chrome.
    • In the top right corner, select the three-dot menu.
    • When a drop-down menu appears, select Settings from the list.
    • Choose Cookies and other site data under Privacy and security settings.

How to use an Android device to deliver a “Do not track” message

The steps listed below must be followed for this:

    • Launch Chrome on an Android device.
    • In the right corner of the screen, touch the three-dot menu.
    • Now click settings.
    • Select “Privacy and Security” by pressing it.
    • Turn on the “Do not track” option by tapping on it.

Graphical Representation

Step 1 :

Google Chrome New Feature

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

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