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Iron Man Game confirmed For Development Phases at EA Motive Studio

Iron Man Game Getting Developed At EA Motive Studio


Iron Man Game confirmed For Development Phases at  EA Motive Studio.

Iron Man Game confirmed For Development Phases at EA Motive Studio

Electronic Arts is indeed working on a video game featuring Iron Man. A single-player, third-person action-adventure game based on the title Marvel superhero is being developed by the publisher’s Montreal-based EA Motive Studio,

According to a blog post from the publisher. The Iron Man title, which is currently in early development, will include a unique plot that “taps into the rich history of Iron Man, channeling” the egos of the armored hero and the affable genius Tony Stark.

Which platforms will be supported when the game is published is currently unknown.

Executive Producer Olivier Proulx said, “It’s an honor and a joy to have the chance to create a video game based on one of the most recognizable super characters in entertainment today.

“We have a wonderful chance to write a fresh, original tale that we can name our own. Marvel is inspiring us to come up with something original. Marvel giving us the goosebumps to come with something in reality form.

We enjoy a great deal of freedom, which keeps the staff motivated. Leading the creation of the next Iron Man game is Proulx,

who previously worked on the critically successful Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The news is consistent with a leak that said EA was developing the aforementioned video game. Although the plot is not explicitly described, it is implied by the description that the game serves as a window into Stark’s intricacy and “charisma.

” Nevertheless, given Proulx’s prior work, which emphasized linear storytelling, it is likely that such moments will be scripted.

Currently, who knows? As with how WB Games Montréal uses its ensemble characters in the next Gotham Knights game, hopefully we get to play as Stark while he’s imprisoned in his laboratory.


A Dead Space remake is currently being developed by Motive Studio with a January 2023 release date. The blog post’s conclusion also mentions future joint ventures between Marvel and EA.

Iron Man is the first of several new games in this exciting new relationship between Marvel and Electronic Arts, according to the statement. This might be a reference to the July leak of the open-world Black Panther game.


The internal name for the Black Panther game is Project Rainer, and Kevin Stephens, a former vice president of Monolith Productions, is in charge of its development.

After Black Panther’s death at the beginning, the premise is established, according to games journalist Jeff Grubb. Then, the players will have a series of tasks—or trials—to complete.

Currently, there are no details on a release window or platforms for EA’s Iron Man game, as it’s still in the early stages of development.

But we could speculate that the game will be released on all major platforms — PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Windows PC.

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